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Robson Marinho: How Faculty Learn to Use Instructional Technology July 18, 2007

Posted by Janine Lim in Research.

Learning theories in the Literature Review

  • Overview of Learning Theories and Learning Styles
    • Active Learning
    • Adult Learning Theory
    • Motivation
    • Learning Styles
  • Faculty Development Theories and Programs
    • General Faculty Development Approaches
    • Faculty Development in Instructional Technology
    • Cost Benefit of Instructional Technology

He interviewed 10 faculty, with very different fields (art, medicine, etc.). The learning process was similar. The professors had all attended workshops in instructional technology.

The interviews were very deep with then interviews. He listened to their learning stories. Note to self! Read this dissertation! From Indiana University.

The data analysis was looking at the themes across the cases. There were several factors that influenced their learning.

  • Personal dominant characteristic
  • Learning styles
  • Personal motivation
  • Personal beliefs about the role of technology in education
  • Quality of professional development interventions they attend
  • Overcoming institutional barriers such as time commitment and the lack of financial and academic rewards

The results are in a table with each of the 10 cases and their dominant characteristic, their learning style, and the theoretical support for their style of learning.

Instructional technology was defined as whatever each person defined it as. The top ones were PowerPoint and teaching online. People told stories about everything including overhead projectors, cassette tapes, digital cameras, etc.

Some learning theory names to check out: Gregorc, Felder, Myers, Brightman, Kolb.


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